oak framed orangery

Oak Framed Orangery – Staffordshire

An oak framed orangery will be a great addition to your home. Just look at our latest project for a customer in Staffordshire:

oak extensions Cheshire

This 4m x 4m solid oak framed orangery has been made with a substantial 8 inch post and beam oak frame and features large picture windows to three sides. Careful placement of the mullions (intersecting points) ensure uninterrupted views of the garden when sitting in the living/dining room.

Our clients wanted to be able to enjoy their garden more fully with a light and airy garden living space. And their oak orangery was designed to meet their specific requirements and gives them a gorgeous space to entertain friends and family all year round.

To future-proof the orangery, the orangery’s oak door was made 8 inches wider than a standard doorway to allow for wheelchair access, along with the addition of a ramp and a path surrounding the structure.

Oak framing Staffordshire

oak framed orangery

A Light & Luxurious Space

Along with its large picture windows, this oak framed orangery benefits from a large oak lantern, which allows lots of lovely natural light to flood into the room. The exterior of the lantern was fitted with an aluminium roofing bar system to reduce maintenance and an electrically operated roof vent to allow for effortless ventilation when needed.

The roof of the oak orangery incorporates a hidden gully so no guttering is visible, giving the garden room clean lines and a contemporary look.

Inside our Oak Framed Orangery

The walls and ceiling have been fully insulated to retain as much heat as possible during the cooler months. And along with a solid oak window self and oak skirting, this orangery features a built in bespoke oak bookcase, producing a stunning internal space.

oak framed orangery
oak orangery

How our Oak Extensions are Glazed

All of our glazed oak structures and extensions are made with 8 inch planed (PAR) air-dried oak, hand-drawn oak pegs and our direct glazing system. This glazing method can only be carried out on air-dried oak frames and only a handful of oak framers have the oak-framing knowledge and skill to glaze this way. We don’t use the plant-on method used by many other oak companies. Why?

Because, even though rebated direct glazing is a more complex and time-consuming method than surface mounting, glazing this way keeps the beauty of the exterior of the oak frame and hand-drawn oak pegs on show, rather then covering it.

Considering an Oak Framed Orangery?

Sustainability is important to us so all of the oak we use comes from sustainable forests. So if you’re considering an oak framed extension or garden structure call us on 01625 347165 or email hello@characteroakcarpentry.co.uk to arrange your free, no-obligation quotation today.

enclosed oak porch - Cheshire

Enclosed Oak Porch – Cheshire

Dreaming of a enclosed oak porch to give your home the ultimate curb appeal?

We recently completed this stunning enclosed oak porch for a lovely customer in Cheshire.

enclosed oak porch - Cheshire

Handmade and individually designed, this enclosed oak porch is made from air-dried, chunky, 8 inch oak.

A Gorgeous, Glazed Oak Porch

To reduce shrinkage and minimise any movement from the oak, at Character Oak we only used air-dried oak for our glazed structures.

This solid oak porch was designed to give our client plenty of room to hang coats and leave their boots before entering their home. And to give their stunning property an entrance porch it deserves.

enclosed oak porch - Cheshire

The Perfect Enclosed Oak Porch – Cheshire

Designed to compliment our client’s cottage perfectly, the porch certainly enhances their home’s appeal.

The oak posts and beams used in this enclosed oak porch are a substantial 8 inches thick and are planed all round (PAR), making the oak smooth to the touch and snag-free.

enclosed oak porch - Cheshire

All of our enclosed structures, from porches to extensions, are direct glazed. We use a fully beaded, rebated glazing system on our air-dried, enclosed oak frames. This method is much like a traditional window casement. Although a more complex process than the surface-mounting method used by the majority of oak framers. we believe the rebated, direct glazing method produces a far superior end product.

Rebated, direct glazing fits the glazing directly inside your frame and as such, doesn’t cover the beauty of the exterior frame or the hand-drawn oak pegs.

Oak porches

Stunning Outside & In

Along with the oak frame, we designed and handmade a new, solid oak door for our clients, too.

solid oak door

Why not take a look at some of our other oak structures and extensions in our oak framing gallery?

All of our oak is handpicked by us at the mill especially for your project and comes from sustainable forests. Sustainability to a key part of our ethos.

Considering enhancing your home with an enclosed oak porch? Call us to chat about what you need and what you’d like to achieve, on 01625 347165 or drop an email to hello@characteroakcarpentry.co.uk.

oak porch - Shropshire

Oak Porch – Shropshire

We recently completed this beautiful, contemporary oak porch for a client in Bewdley, on the Shropshire/Worcestershire border.

oak porch Shropshire

Individually designed and handmade, this semi-enclosed, glazed oak porch is made from air-dried, 8 inch oak.

Glazed & Gorgeous

At Character Oak, we only used air-dried oak for our glazed structures, as this minimises any movement from the oak.

This individually designed porch was designed to give our client protection from the elements, while also providing uninterrupted views over the beautiful River Severn and the Severn Valley Railway below.

oak porch - Shropshire

Contemporary Oak Porch – Shropshire

All of the oak posts and beams used in the construction of this oak porch are 8 inches thick and planed all round (PAR). At 8 inches, the posts and beams on this modern design give this striking porch a wonderfully chunky and substantial appearance.

Although, raising this oak frame was a challenge for our team, due to the narrow, winding stone steps leading to the entrance of the property. The position of the porch made getting the heavy oak sections and large purpose-made glass panels installed rather tricky.

But our team love a challenge.

The tie beam alone weighed just under a staggering 24 stone!

oak porch - Shropshire

Architectural Glazing

The curved, contemporary design of this oak porch meant a glass template was made to fit inside the curves to the side, top and lower triangle section of the porch. The glass was then purpose-made, laser cut and toughened for the perfect fit.

The huge 2.2m x 1.9 m glazing panels weighed in at just under a whopping 13 stone (the same weight as an average man!) and were lifted in.

This contemporary oak porch design features trimmed, flush oak pegs and 10mm thick toughened glass, which is secured in place with stainless steel glass clamps for an ultra modern look.

The client chose to have our trademark sunflower carved into the front of the front porch, where it now takes pride of place.

oak porch - Shropshire

This stunning semi-closed, glazed oak porch enjoys enviable views across the valley below and can be seen from the banks of the River Severn in Bewdley town.

oak porch - Shropshire

At Character Oak, all our oak comes from sustainable forests and is handpicked by us for your project at the mill. So, if you’re considering an oak porch, oak veranda or oak garden structure call us on 01625 347165 or email hello@characteroakcarpentry.co.uk – we’d love to have a chat about your oak framing plans.

oak log store - Shropshire

Oak Log Store – Shropshire

We recently completed this lovely oak log store for a customer in Shropshire.

oak log store - Shropshire

Why an Oak Log Store?

The need for somewhere dry and stylish to store loads of lovely logs is on the rise. This is due to the increasing popularity of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

The UK wood-burning stove boom started to heat up during 2008 and has been getting hotter ever since.

But why are wood-burning stoves now the must-have appliance for any home?

Cost-effective Heating

As the cost of living continues to rise, many families are considering how they can reduce their day-to-day expenses. And with the climbing costs of oil and gas, wood burning is an increasingly attractive option. And with a stove, you don’t even need a chimney.

Did you know that wood-burning stoves can provide five times as much heat as a gas or electric fire?

Environmentally Friendly

We’re all becoming more aware of our carbon footprint and the impact our lives have on our planet. As a carbon-neutral fuel, burning wood is a way we can all help to make a difference as it’s the most ecologically friendly way to heat a home.

And with a wood burning stove, you’re sure to stay toasty as a whopping 85% of the heat generated radiates around your room. Unlike fireplaces, where as much as 70% of the heat (literally!) goes up the chimney.

Psychologically Warming

Let’s face it, there is nothing nicer than loading logs onto a fire and watching the flames flicker. It offers a deep, primal sense of satisfaction and comfort. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, what’s more emotionally sustaining then snuggling up in front of a wood burning stove? Who doesn’t love the cosy crackle of a real fire?

With around 200,000 families choosing a wood burner to heat their homes each year and a 60% increase in installations, this trend shows no signs of burning out anytime soon.

But don’t forget, with all that wood, you’re going to need somewhere dry, safe and stylish to store it.

An Oak Log Store from Character Oak

oak log store - Shropshire

At Character Oak, we can design and build a beautiful log store to your own specifications.

Your log store will be traditionally handcrafted from beautiful, sustainable oak. So more than merely somewhere to store your logs, our log stores will add character to your home, stand the test of time and will make popping out for a few more logs an absolute pleasure.

Like the look of our oak log store – Shropshire? Whether you’re in Shropshire, Staffordshire or Cheshire, if you’re considering an oak log store, oak framed porch or oak garden structure, get in touch with us today, on 01625 347165 or hello@characteroakcarpentry.co.uk – we’d love to hear from you.

oak porches

Oak Porch – Cheshire

We recently completed this stunning oak porch for a client in Nantwich, Cheshire.

oak porch

Handmade by our team in our rural workshop, this individually designed porch is made from air-dried oak and is direct glazed.

Enclosed Oak Frame Glazing

At Character Oak we direct glaze all of our enclosed structures and extensions, using a fully beaded, rebated glazing system, which can only be carried out on air-dried oak frames. We do not utilise the plant-on method used on green oak frames by many others. 

Although rebated direct glazing is a more complex process than surface mounting, we believe the rebated, direct glazing method is much more aesthetically appealing, as it doesn’t cover the beauty of the exterior frame and hand-drawn, oak pegs.

Click here to see some of our oak porch designs & pricing

oak porch

All of the oak posts and beams used in the construction of the oak porch are planed all round (PAR) and 8 inches thick, which is much thicker than that of many other oak framing companies. At Character Oak all of the structural oak used in the construction of our enclosed oak frames is planed all round (PAR), air-dried, seasoned oak and 8 inches thick. As well as increasing stability, this makes our structures chunkier and more substantial in appearance.

oak porch

The oak porch gives the client a large, enclosed entrance extension to the front of the property and also an open porch canopy to find house keys and avoid the rain.

Oak Porch Internals

We also designed and handmade the solid oak front door to complete this stunning oak structure.

oak porch

At Character Oak sustainability is a key part of our ethos and all of the oak we use comes from sustainable forests. So if you’re considering an oak framed building, extension or garden structure call us on 01625 347165 or email hello@characteroakcarpentry.co.uk to discuss your plans – we’d love to hear from you.

Like to see some of our oak porch designs & pricing? Click here to find out more about our handmade, solid oak porches.

oak framing

5 Benefits of Timber Framing

Timber framing has many benefits but none more important than its benefit to the planet. Unlike other building methods, timber framing is sustainable, eco-friendlier and more durable. 

Construction continues to be a major contributor to the pollution problem in the UK. The manufacturing of steel and cement alone has a massive impact on the environment — half of the construction industry’s CO2 pollution is caused by the production of cement. 

But building is a necessary human activity. After all, we’ll always need new homes, structures and commercial buildings. So how can we cut the UK’s CO2 pollution caused by construction? 

By more of our buildings being built using the ancient construction method of timber framing. 

Here are some timber framing benefits:

Timber Framing is Sustainable 

Timber is an organic building material and it’s produced naturally. So, no huge, pollutant-pumping factory needed. 

Not only that but trees increase our oxygen and reduce our CO2 levels, as trees absorb CO2 from our environment. 

As trees age, their CO2 absorption levels decrease. But timber taken from sustainable forests for timber framed buildings is good news for everyone, as when older trees are felled, new trees are planted in their place. 

Timber Framing is Faster 

As timber frames are made in a workshop by timber frame carpenters, most of the construction time happens off-site. 

The time it takes to raise the frame on-site is therefore about 30% quicker than it takes to construct a brick and block building — reducing build time, costs and emissions. 

Timber Framing is Durable 

Timber framing is an ancient building method and structures built this way stand strong for hundreds — even thousands — of years. 

In Japan, many timber-framed buildings built more than 2000 years ago are still around. And thousands of timber-framed structures built in England between 400 and 1100 A.D are still standing strong today. 

Timber framed buildings are both strong and durable, as well being utterly beautiful.  

Timber Framing is Energy Efficient

Timber-framed buildings make more energy efficient places to live, as they are more air tight than other methods of construction. 

As less energy escapes a timber-framed structure, homes are more cost-effective to heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer. 

Timber Framing is Beautiful 

Along with the environmental and energy efficiency benefits, a timber framed structure is timelessly beautiful. The character that a space built from oak creates simply can’t be produced when building with brick and block. From beautiful beams to the comfort of nature close, an oak framed building is naturally stunning, and its character only improves with age. 

At Character Oak all our oak is ethically sourced and comes from sustainable, well-managed forests that are verified by the FSC or PEFC. So if you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint by choosing an oak-framed structure, extension or garden building, email us at hello@characteroakcarpentry.co.uk or give us a call on 01625 347165to discuss your ideas.